Lukacs emphasizes that he is just a painter

In conversation, Lukacs emphasizes that he is just a painter, and that any interpretation of a group such as these nine men is actually indicative of the viewer’s intent. He turns the viewer into a voyeur – we are meant to consider his forms as sexually charged. However, even as we recognize the artist’s purpose […]

Most Famous Paintings In The World

Despite the substantial variety of paintings that customers have seen in galleries as well as art galleries across the globe, only a fairly miniscule number has been globally acknowledged as being classic. Classic in their elegance and also execution, these art work have gone beyond time and also artistic ideas to produce background. These paints […]

Processing slides on the run

Process slides in motel rooms? Why not? During a trip to Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon my son and I did just that each evening. We were going separate ways after the Grand Canyon and that was the only way we could share each others’ slides. Many people assume slide processing is difficult, that […]

Where can iget an artist to draw a portrait

A portrait painting, when proficient to your close versions, carries your true and heartfelt feelings that no other gift item can do. One can turn an image of basically anything into a pencil portrait including pencil portraits of people, pets, homes or landscapes. 100% hand-drawn by real, live, painters. Pencil drawing portraits certainly are a […]

Create Candlelit Portraits

I’ll show you how you can create a candle lit portrait by mixing candles and continuous LED light. Hello I’m Gavin Hoey and you’re watching AdoramaTV brought to you by Adorama the camera store that’s got everything for us photographers. Now usually when I’m shooting portraits in my small home studio I’ll use flash as […]


Today I talk about five ways to make money as a photographer. My name is Benjamin Jaworskyj photographer and adventurer. Ten years ago I started to teach myself photography today I travel the world as a professional photographer and filmmaker. Learn from my experiences, mistakes and tips and join me on my photography adventures. Making […]

star wars wall pictures would be the perfect website to purchase star wars artworks . Our star wars works of art are offered in multiple size ranges, colour combinations, and designs. Purchasers can quite easily discover the a lot of stylish design for their sleeping quarters, lounge room, kitchen, kitchen area, rest room, motel, and business office too. […]

Commission Portrait in Francoise Nielly Style

Francoise Nielly day-to-day lives in the realm of graphics. She has discovered the numerous elements of “appearance” all her existence, via piece of art, virtual, illustrations, roughs and photography, laptop or computer created cartoon artwork. It is actually obvious seeing that artwork is her course and her interest. She becomes her experience of construction and […]

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