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Africa in Science Fiction

Superpower: Africa in Science Fiction Curated by Nay Haq and Al Cameron The Arnolfini, Bristol, May – July 1, 2012 In this exhibition, curators Haq and Cameron present 10 not necessarily African artists who slyly critique the unabashedly Western-centric traditions of science fiction, and re-frame them via the African continent. Rejecting futurist utopianism, works like […]

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This is making me nervous

The F.E.K. Archives: This is making me nervous … (Mercer Union, Toronto, November 11-December 10, 2011) is a recreation by Alex Wolfsan of an installation from the archive dedicated to the late Argentine philosopher Fernanda Eva Karon (1885-1938?). The archive was created by Karons long-term collaborator and lover, celebrated Portuguese artist Adan Calderon (1895-1982). In […]

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