This is making me nervous

The F.E.K. Archives: This is making me nervous … (Mercer Union, Toronto, November 11-December 10, 2011) is a recreation by Alex Wolfsan of an installation from the archive dedicated to the late Argentine philosopher Fernanda Eva Karon (1885-1938?). The archive was created by Karons long-term collaborator and lover, celebrated Portuguese artist Adan Calderon (1895-1982).

In the winter of 1937, in the midst of a psychological crisis, Karon disappeared after having retired to an isolated cabin in the woods, leaving only a handwritten note behind. It read: “Here it is. The beginning and the end. And me along with it. Now, I am going to the trees to be like Clorinda and rest among the leaves. Look for me there, sprouted anew.”

Wolfson’s recreated exhibition is dedicated to this last period of Karon’s life. The exhibition features refabrications of Calderon’s original texts, paintings, dirt and glass flooring, and his sculpture housing Karon’s last note, along with additional texts authored by Wolfson. Below is a response to the exhibition by writer and scholar Clara Kendal.

Wolfson, Alex

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