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Difference and desire in American portraiture

Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture surveyed almost a hundred years of queer subjectivity in American portraiture. The strong vision by co-curators Jonathan Katz and David Ward illustrated the legacy of sexual difference in art history, and the necessity of witnessing its complexities. The exhibition included significant portrait paintings of art from 19th-century artists […]

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Africa in Science Fiction

Superpower: Africa in Science Fiction Curated by Nay Haq and Al Cameron The Arnolfini, Bristol, May – July 1, 2012 In this exhibition, curators Haq and Cameron present 10 not necessarily African artists who slyly critique the unabashedly Western-centric traditions of science fiction, and re-frame them via the African continent. Rejecting futurist utopianism, works like […]

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The War of Images

Nearly 10 years after the phrase “war on terror” was coined, it continues to capture the attention and imagination of the American public. Despite having been retired from the lexicon with the election of Barack Obama, who opted for the phrase “overseas contingency operation,” the struggle against nameless and faceless terrorists still conjures images of […]

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The art of found objects

The art of found objects–the ordinary, the unimportant, the neglected, the overlooked, as W.J.T. Mitchell describes them –often seeks to reveal some special status in items that are otherwise discardable. These include empty bottles, single buttons, inkless pens, rags–in a word, “garbage.” In this realm of discovery and redemption, the status of books is quite […]

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Who is the artist?

I love this painting, just wondering who is artist behind this painting?

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This is making me nervous

The F.E.K. Archives: This is making me nervous … (Mercer Union, Toronto, November 11-December 10, 2011) is a recreation by Alex Wolfsan of an installation from the archive dedicated to the late Argentine philosopher Fernanda Eva Karon (1885-1938?). The archive was created by Karons long-term collaborator and lover, celebrated Portuguese artist Adan Calderon (1895-1982). In […]

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2011 Rendezvous – The Perfect Vacation!

Make plans now to come to beautiful Helena, Montana for the 2011 Western Rendezvous of Art! Presented by and benefiting the Montana Historical Society, this year’s Rendezvous will be held August 18-21 and once again offer many opportunities to enjoy top-quality art and talk with the artists whose work is featured. The forty-seven members of […]

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